Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Makes Dress Up Games Truly Enjoyable?

Dress up games have proved to be highly popular especially among girls who like nothing better than to dress up like their favorite movie stars, sports heroes and fashion icons. These celebrities are known for their high fashion clothing and expensive accessories that the average person can’t even dream of buying. The only way we have therefore of entering their world of fame and glamour is by pretending to be them even for a short time and this is something we can all do now by visiting a website that allows us to play these exciting online dress up games.

The most important aspect of online dress up games is the graphics, the quality of which will be the deciding factor when it comes to how enjoyable a particular gaming site will be.  In order for a game to be really colorful and exciting, it must be incorporated with flash and preferably high resolution 3D without which it would not be possible to be a part of the game you play. Poor graphics mean that you find it difficult to make believe you’re in the world of the character you aspire to be and this makes it imperative for a player to ensure that he or she chooses a reliable and well designed website to start playing dress up games.

Something else that is important when choosing a site is to ensure that it has many games, and stages you can visit in order to make your game playing exciting and varied. A Game that has only a main character and few accessories will be boring after sometime and therefore it is essential to have many characters,  lots of clothing and accessories as well as different story lines so that you can really let your imagination run by assuming the different roles you wish to play.  It’s also better to choose a gaming site that allows you to save the features you have created so that in case you have to stop halfway while playing your dress up game, you can always return to it later on and carry on from where you stopped.

Never forget that the story line is a very important aspect of a quality dress up game. What’s the point in playing a game that provides various clothing to dress the character in; but with only one story line to follow? This does not offer a really imaginative player the chance to transport herself into a world of make believe where she can conjure up different stories such as going for a party, a day out in the beach or a glamorous wedding so that she can really let herself go by imagining her role playing which gives her plenty of opportunity to dress up as well.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ways To Avoid The Negative Affects of Google Panda Update

Google Panda update recently stormed the world of internet marketing. This update was intended to filter the google search results from low quality, duplicate or shallow contents. Content farms were there main target, so this update is also referred as Farmer Update.

The disaster of traffic reduction, mainly go through the article directories & content farms like suite101, hubpages, ezinearticles. Many small business owners also effected, whose webpages don’t contain quality contents. The situation of these small business owners is very much disappointing.

You can’t get rid of this lessen traffic suddenly, but you can apply some changes, which may gradually lead you to a better position.

Firstly, remove all duplicate, spun, rewritten and all other low quality contents from your pages. And replace these with well-written high quality contents.

Secondly, If you are selling physical or digital goods, your pages may not contain enough content. Google’s panda update effects shallow contents, or contents less than 250 words. So fill up your pages with quality contents. If you can’t do it into 250 words, try to do it into at least 100 words. It may have little effect.

Thirdly, remove excessive ads from the page. Excessive ads placed on a page also affected in Panda Update. Place just few quality ads on your place. You will find standards on the internet, thus you can decide, how much ads placing is perfect.

Fourthly, Get rid of unfair businesses. Google also look on the business types.

In conclusion, it’s evident that there is no way, rather than improving quality of contents. So always be careful to add quality contents, so that you’ll not be affected by such updates.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google Panda Update: Be Careful About Your Content's Quality And Originality

A few months ago, it was Google’s novel action to make its search engine better than what it already is. By improving the quality of the search engine, Google came up with the concept of ‘Panda update’ by which, sites which lack quality, originality, genuineness, and is not much visited were cut down from the search results. This was implied first in the United States of America and the result what the site owners got was their website viewers attenuating. If this has started to startle you now, it’s high time you find out if the website you own for your firm has also been slammed by this latest ‘panda update’.
Wanting to know how to find this out? It’s simple. Go to Google Analytics and to your dashboard, click on ‘search engines’ and then go to ‘Google’. In ‘keyword’, look for the option ‘country/territory’ and enter the name of the country. What you will find is a bar graph that clearly depicts the number of visitors who have visited your website and if there is a decline in the graph during the recent months, yes! You have been hit by ‘farmer panda’.
To talk about it in detail, Google panda is helping the regular users of Google to be benefitted better than ever before. It is in the process of reducing grades to those sites which are low in quality. By this way, Google users do not get disappointed that their search was inefficient and won’t look for other search engines instead of ‘Google’. Just like any marketing strategy, Google is also focusing on improving its quality and making its customers (users) contented.
Engineers who were responsible for the invention of ‘Panda’ rated the low quality sites by doing qualitative researches. Not just entire sites, even few pages which have been found with a higher percentage of duplication or unoriginal contents have been slammed by ‘Panda’. Even those pages which have irrelevant content or words repeated ample number of times have been considered low quality. What needs to be noted that, even if one page from your site has been slammed by ‘Panda’ it is more likely that your entire site is going to be affected by this.
If you are one of those victims of ‘Panda’, ensure that you analyze which pages are rated bad and work on them and transfer the improved quality to a different orbit.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Article submission may promote your site on search engines

Article submission is a popular way to create backlink. There are lots of article directories in the web. These directories accept articles from members. To become a member is very easy. Just fill up a form and become member. You can submit articles on almost all important topics. Suppose you run a website on loans. So you should create backlinks from the section finance and subsection loans. Then write at least 250 words article related to the keyword ‘loans’. Article’s quality is not so important here. The main thing is the relevancy to the keyword and without any major grammatical errors. You can also copy your blog contents. if search engines find the same content in two sites, they will count which was indexed first, then they will give total credit to you and you will be rank higher. So don’t worry about using your own content. But submit this article after at least two weeks of publishing on your own site. Within this time search engines will indexed your contents.
How can you benefited from article submission
Under every article you would able to add a resource box, where you can add your own links. At least two links are allowed in every resource box. These links play vital role in search engine ranking. If you submit your article in a high quality site, the quality of your link will be counted as ‘super’ to search engines. You may also get direct traffic from your article. If you article can attract readers, they may want to see your sites. They will find your links on resource box and may able to reach on your site.
If you write multiple articles, your resource box will also be multiplied and you will get multiple backlinks. You also can submit the same article to multiple sites. But be careful about the quality of the site. I think article submission in top 5-10 article directories is enough. No need to submit on thousands of article directories.