Monday, November 2, 2009

Article submission may promote your site on search engines

Article submission is a popular way to create backlink. There are lots of article directories in the web. These directories accept articles from members. To become a member is very easy. Just fill up a form and become member. You can submit articles on almost all important topics. Suppose you run a website on loans. So you should create backlinks from the section finance and subsection loans. Then write at least 250 words article related to the keyword ‘loans’. Article’s quality is not so important here. The main thing is the relevancy to the keyword and without any major grammatical errors. You can also copy your blog contents. if search engines find the same content in two sites, they will count which was indexed first, then they will give total credit to you and you will be rank higher. So don’t worry about using your own content. But submit this article after at least two weeks of publishing on your own site. Within this time search engines will indexed your contents.
How can you benefited from article submission
Under every article you would able to add a resource box, where you can add your own links. At least two links are allowed in every resource box. These links play vital role in search engine ranking. If you submit your article in a high quality site, the quality of your link will be counted as ‘super’ to search engines. You may also get direct traffic from your article. If you article can attract readers, they may want to see your sites. They will find your links on resource box and may able to reach on your site.
If you write multiple articles, your resource box will also be multiplied and you will get multiple backlinks. You also can submit the same article to multiple sites. But be careful about the quality of the site. I think article submission in top 5-10 article directories is enough. No need to submit on thousands of article directories.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do follow blog commenting: important source of backlinks

Posting comments on relevant blogs are also a good way to create backlinks. If search engines find your links on other related sites, they will consider your link to give a higher rank. So start commenting.
At first you have to find relevant blogs. For this purpose you can search on google by typing keyword ‘top blogs on seo’ or ‘top 100 blogs on seo’ or ‘ best blogs on seo’ – if your niche is ‘seo’. You can also use google blog search. Or search related blogs on several high quality directories.
Many blogs comment sections are ‘dofollow’ and some other are ‘nofollow’. The term ‘dofollow’ means search engines will consider the links for ranking and ‘nofollow’ means search engines wil not count these links for their ranking. Normally ‘nofollow’ status imposed where spammers irritate more. So you should commenting on ‘dofollow’ blogs. Normally ‘dofollow’ blogs give a separate box to give your web url. If you can get this box, there is no need to put url’s on your comment. Putting url on comments most time considered as spamming. People hate spammers so don’t be a spammer.
Give comments after reading blog don’t give this types of comment ‘very good blog’, ‘very well written’ or ‘thanks for sharing’. Try to write several lines about this blog. It will bring more benefit to you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Directory submission: effective way to get backlinks

Directory submissions are most effective way of getting backlinks. In the internet there are tons of directories available which offer to index your site totally free. Many full paid or partially paid directories are also available. Open directory project ‘DMOZ’ gives the high quality backlink. Paid yahoo directory also give strong backlink.
Directory submission is necessary but no need to waste time with low pagerank directories. Many directories have high pagerank but in which page they index sites don’t have high pagerank. Before submitting , you should test the pagerank of the linking pages by using google toolbar or any other tool. If you find high pagerank , then submit on this page, otherwise not. In maximum cases you should have to give reciprocal links to the directory. They will index your site after seeing their links on your page. You can also submit your site to several low quality directories which indexes sites without reciprocal link.
High quality directories will need several days to review your site. In case of DMOZ it may take several weeks to several months. They are very careful about the quality of site. But links from DMOZ are very effective to increase search engine rankings.
In many directory sites there is a community page also available. Bloggers can interact with each other and able to increase their traffic.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Importance of backlinks on SEO

When search engine spiders gather data and then indexed with giving rank, they consider several things. They consider the quality of contents, popularity of the page and the quality of links and also many other factors. Popularity is measured by the number and quality of backlinks which you gained. Before giving high rank to a website they want to know how trustworthy is the site. For this reason they consider which sites give you links. If they found link from authority sites like .gov or .edu , they give a higher rank to this site. So link building is the very important part of SEO. Links come from high quality sites will rank you higher. Now google normally measure the quality of backlinks on the basis of pagerank which is between in the scale of 0-10. High pr sites give high quality backlinks. Multiple low pagerank sites have not the value of a single high pagerank site. if the sites are authority sites, the quality of links multiplied with normal.
Several ways are available to get quality backlinks. A few effective ways are listed bellow
1. Directory submission
2. Commenting on relevant sites
3. Article submission
4. Press release submission
5. Good use of social networking sites
6. Social bookmarking sites
7. Forum posting
8. Link exchange

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How search engines work

Search engines works are divided into three major steps crawling, indexing and processing.
In first step, search engines use a special robot called spiders to create a list of words found in the web pages. This process is called crawling. Spiders crawl around the web to collect data. They enter every links found on a webpage. Crawling normally starts from most used server or a page which has a high popularity and visits all links found on the page.
All these collected data gathered on a huge database. But saving on database is not indexing . There are few days required to index or update a saved page.
Then all these indexed pages are processed to give ranking for a particular search. This ranking is given upon by considering several parameters. These parameters include quality of content, keyword density, anchor text, titles and subtitles. Another important parameter is the quality of links coming to this site. If a link from highly trusted sites, google considers this site is appropriate for the top position. Google give ‘pagerank’ to all sites in a scale 0-10. They consider the higher pagerank site is most trusted. They also count the number of incoming links from other sites.
Search engines always try to cover all the sites but there are some limitations. So a site should be optimized for search engines. Thus the jobs of search engine spiders become easier.
This is the cause to do SEO works. Every site should be well optimized to get maximum exposure.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starter guide on seo

In recent years internet got the popularity among peoples all over the world. All these peoples query is not also same. To serve their query lots of web pages are also created with information with widely dispersed topics. But how the people find the pages which are they looking for. It is almost impossible to find accurate page which you want from billions of web pages manually. To solve this problem search engines are appeared. You can get the accurate thing you want by typing the keywords on the box of google’s page. You can get millions of pages on this topic but search engines give ranks among them and you will find the best sites on the first pages serially. How google create this serial?
Google give ranks on the basis of several things including the quality of the content, backlinks from other sites and the quality of these of sites, backlinks from authority sites and many other parameters. So the webmasters now create their sites search engine friendly and for this purpose several techniques are used. Together all these techniques are called as search engine optimization or SEO.
Peoples create website to show their information to others. But if he does not do SEO works, he has no chance to get top position in search engines although his site contains a lot better content than other.
Web pages are the only media which can cover every ends of the world. So it is the best way to get maximum exposure. Companies spend lots of dollars in advertising through televisions or newspapers. it is very expensive but cannot cover all the world. SEO is very much inexpensive to get top position in a particular query. So it is the best chance of advertisement for a company. And they also can get highly targeted customers. Now the companies realizing this fact and now they are very much attentive in search engine optimization.