Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starter guide on seo

In recent years internet got the popularity among peoples all over the world. All these peoples query is not also same. To serve their query lots of web pages are also created with information with widely dispersed topics. But how the people find the pages which are they looking for. It is almost impossible to find accurate page which you want from billions of web pages manually. To solve this problem search engines are appeared. You can get the accurate thing you want by typing the keywords on the box of google’s page. You can get millions of pages on this topic but search engines give ranks among them and you will find the best sites on the first pages serially. How google create this serial?
Google give ranks on the basis of several things including the quality of the content, backlinks from other sites and the quality of these of sites, backlinks from authority sites and many other parameters. So the webmasters now create their sites search engine friendly and for this purpose several techniques are used. Together all these techniques are called as search engine optimization or SEO.
Peoples create website to show their information to others. But if he does not do SEO works, he has no chance to get top position in search engines although his site contains a lot better content than other.
Web pages are the only media which can cover every ends of the world. So it is the best way to get maximum exposure. Companies spend lots of dollars in advertising through televisions or newspapers. it is very expensive but cannot cover all the world. SEO is very much inexpensive to get top position in a particular query. So it is the best chance of advertisement for a company. And they also can get highly targeted customers. Now the companies realizing this fact and now they are very much attentive in search engine optimization.

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