Monday, November 2, 2009

Article submission may promote your site on search engines

Article submission is a popular way to create backlink. There are lots of article directories in the web. These directories accept articles from members. To become a member is very easy. Just fill up a form and become member. You can submit articles on almost all important topics. Suppose you run a website on loans. So you should create backlinks from the section finance and subsection loans. Then write at least 250 words article related to the keyword ‘loans’. Article’s quality is not so important here. The main thing is the relevancy to the keyword and without any major grammatical errors. You can also copy your blog contents. if search engines find the same content in two sites, they will count which was indexed first, then they will give total credit to you and you will be rank higher. So don’t worry about using your own content. But submit this article after at least two weeks of publishing on your own site. Within this time search engines will indexed your contents.
How can you benefited from article submission
Under every article you would able to add a resource box, where you can add your own links. At least two links are allowed in every resource box. These links play vital role in search engine ranking. If you submit your article in a high quality site, the quality of your link will be counted as ‘super’ to search engines. You may also get direct traffic from your article. If you article can attract readers, they may want to see your sites. They will find your links on resource box and may able to reach on your site.
If you write multiple articles, your resource box will also be multiplied and you will get multiple backlinks. You also can submit the same article to multiple sites. But be careful about the quality of the site. I think article submission in top 5-10 article directories is enough. No need to submit on thousands of article directories.

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