Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google Panda Update: Be Careful About Your Content's Quality And Originality

A few months ago, it was Google’s novel action to make its search engine better than what it already is. By improving the quality of the search engine, Google came up with the concept of ‘Panda update’ by which, sites which lack quality, originality, genuineness, and is not much visited were cut down from the search results. This was implied first in the United States of America and the result what the site owners got was their website viewers attenuating. If this has started to startle you now, it’s high time you find out if the website you own for your firm has also been slammed by this latest ‘panda update’.
Wanting to know how to find this out? It’s simple. Go to Google Analytics and to your dashboard, click on ‘search engines’ and then go to ‘Google’. In ‘keyword’, look for the option ‘country/territory’ and enter the name of the country. What you will find is a bar graph that clearly depicts the number of visitors who have visited your website and if there is a decline in the graph during the recent months, yes! You have been hit by ‘farmer panda’.
To talk about it in detail, Google panda is helping the regular users of Google to be benefitted better than ever before. It is in the process of reducing grades to those sites which are low in quality. By this way, Google users do not get disappointed that their search was inefficient and won’t look for other search engines instead of ‘Google’. Just like any marketing strategy, Google is also focusing on improving its quality and making its customers (users) contented.
Engineers who were responsible for the invention of ‘Panda’ rated the low quality sites by doing qualitative researches. Not just entire sites, even few pages which have been found with a higher percentage of duplication or unoriginal contents have been slammed by ‘Panda’. Even those pages which have irrelevant content or words repeated ample number of times have been considered low quality. What needs to be noted that, even if one page from your site has been slammed by ‘Panda’ it is more likely that your entire site is going to be affected by this.
If you are one of those victims of ‘Panda’, ensure that you analyze which pages are rated bad and work on them and transfer the improved quality to a different orbit.

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